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Many of you may have heard about mailing lists for rubber stampers but you don't know exactly what a mailing list is or you don't know how to get on one. This section will explain it all.

What Is A Mailing List?

A mailing list is a group of people who share a common interest. One person on the list writes an e-mail, sends it to a particular computer and then that computer sends a copy of the e-mail to everyone on the list. Participation in the list is free and the volume of mail that you will receive depends on the number of people on the list and how many letters they write. You don't have to write letters to be a member, you can just read what others write but everyone is encouraged to participate. If you find that the list is not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Our rubberstamping mailing list is designed to give you an outlet for your stamping questions, a forum for your stamping grievances, a place to learn about new products or promote your business, organize swaps, and discuss conventions and suppliers. In other words, it's a place to talk about anything that is rubber stamping related! All we ask is that you keep it polite.

It isn't a place to discuss family, swap recipes or wax poetically about your glory days (it's not that we don't care about these things but, if we get off the rubber stamping track, the volume of mail tends to become overwhelming).

How Do I Sign Onto The Rubber Stamping Mailing List?

The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Mall mailing list is hosted by Yahoo.com and subscribing couldn't be easier-just log on to WWW.Yahoo.com and follow the links to sign onto a group. Once you get into the "groups" section, sign on to the group called "rubberstamping" and you'll become a member of our group.

Are There Other Rubber Stamping Mailing Lists?

There are several other lists (although we like ours best). If you'd like to join another list, here are their addresses:

Rubber Stamping Together
Write "SUBSCRIBE" in the body of the message
They allow tangents, so be prepared for lots of mail

Write "subscribe rubbertown-l" in the body of the message
Probably the one that is most like our list in content and number of mailings

Write "subscribe rubberstampers" in the body of the message
This one is HUGE-you'll get between 300-400 letters a day (yes, you read that right). There are almost more tangents than rubber related content but it is fun and informative.
REMEMBER-Leave out the quotation marks when you write the message!

Available to (not surprisingly) stampers from Carolina. Look for their list at www.Egroups.com

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