What Is Foiling?

Foiling is a variation on the embossing process that adds not only dimension but sheen as well. Foil adds a metallic finish to images that you have stamped or words that you write. It comes in a variety of colors and sheet sizes.

What Do I Need?

You'll need a stamp, a stamp pad (it doesn't matter what type-we'll explain this in a minute), paper, foil and foiling adhesive (this comes in two applicator sizes-broad for large areas and pen tip for smaller areas).

How To Use Foil

First stamp an image as you normally would. Then apply a thin layer of adhesive over the area that you want to foil. Let it dry completely. Next, press the foil into the adhesive-SHINY side up. It helps if you "roll" the foil onto the adhesive-this will ensure that all the adhesive has been has been covered. Pull the foil off the adhesive in one quick motion and that's it! The foil sticks only to the adhesive and you have a snazzed up image.

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