How To Mount A Rubber Stamp

If you've been into rubber stamping for any length of time, you've probably seen ads that offer unmounted stamps at a highly reduced rate. In this article we'll tell you everything you need to know to start mounting your own stamps.

What Is An Unmounted Stamp?

An unmounted stamp (or dye) is the piece of rubber that actually contains the image. When you buy a stamp unmounted, you will get an untrimmed piece of rubber that has an image on one side and nothing on the other. There will be no cushion (the piece between the rubber and the mount), no mount (the wooden piece that you hold onto), and no indexing picture (the image that is stamped onto the back of the mount that shows you what the stamped image will look like).

What Do I Need to Mount A Stamp?

You'll need a stamp, self adhesive stamp cushion, a stamp mount (wood or acrylic), scissors, and a thick fabric ink (preferably black). If you choose a clear, acrylic mount you will also need a piece of adhesive backed paper.

How To Index A Stamp-Step1

Execution of the first step depends on the type of mount that you've chosen. If you are using a wood mount, stamp the image as you normally would onto the back of the mount using your fabric ink. This is easiest if you put the inked dye down on a firm surface and then press the mount onto the dye. If you are using an acrylic mount, you will need a piece of adhesive backed paper (available in most office supply stores) and you will stamp your image onto that, then peel the image off the backing and place it on your mount.

Applying The Cushion-Step 2

Place the dye onto the mounting cushion and cut away a piece of the cushion that is a little bit bigger than the dye. Peel the paper backing off one side of the cusion and apply it to the back side of the stamp. Now, cutting through the rubber and the cushion at the same time, cut around the stamped image as close to the dye as you can without cutting into it. Try to hold the scissors at a slight angle and cut away from the rubber, not under it.

How To Mount The Stamp-Step 3

Peel the remaining piece of backing away from the cushion and press the dye onto the mount-making sure that the dye and the stamped image on the mount are aligned the same way. That's all there is to it!

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