Looney Tunes© Stamped Button Covers

Extra thick embossing powder is the secret to these button covers. But the same technique can be used to create pins, earrings and other jewelry

Materials Needed

A large piece of matte white card stock
Marking Pens
Looney Tunes© stamp set by Rubber Stampede
Black dye-based ink pad
Extra thick clear embossing powder (such as Amazing Glaze)
Clear embossing ink
Heat Gun
Button Cover backs (available in most craft stores)


Using the black ink pad, stamp the Looney Tunes© characters of your choice in the middle of the large piece of matte white card stock.

Once the ink is dry, color in the characters.

Cover the stamped images with a thin layer of embossing ink

While the embossing ink is still wet, place the card stock on a flat surface, cover it with a layer of embossing powder and heat it until it melts. Then, while the powder is still melted, apply another layer of powder and melt it, too. There is no need to apply an additional layer of embossing ink-the powder will stick to the original layer of melted powder. Repeat this process at least three more times. Leave the card stock on the flat surface until the powder is cool. If you pick it up while the powder is in liquid form, the card stock will warp.

Cut the images out and glue them onto the button cover backs.

Enjoy wearing your snazzy new button covers but don't throw them in the wash-the card stock is still partially exposed on the back and we all know what happens to a piece of paper when you wash it!

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