What Is Extra Thick Embossing Powder?

Extra thick embossing powder is made by several different manufacturers. Regardless of who makes it, this powder gives a higher loft to your embossing than regular embossing powder. In addition to using it in the traditional method, extra thick embossing powder can be used to achieve a laminate-like effect on stamped pieces.

Using Extra Thick Powder To Emboss An Image

If you want to use extra thick embossing powder to emboss an image, the technique is the same as it is for regular embossing powders. Ink your stamp with embossing (or pigment) ink-stamp the image, sprinkle powder over the image, tap off the excess and heat the image. If you want to use extra thick embossing powder to create a laminate the process is a little different

Using Extra Thick Powder As A Laminate

When using extra thick embossing powder to create a laminate, stamp your image (or images) in the traditional manner, and color in the images. Then, when the inks are dry, coat the entire piece with clear embossing ink. Sprinkle extra thick embossing powder over the entire piece and heat it. Before the melted powder solidifies, repeat the process. You can repeat the process as many times as you wish, but keep in mind that the more layers you apply, the lumper the piece tends to become.

Using Extra Thick Powder To Press An Image Into Laminate

You can also use extra thick embossing powder to press an image into the laminate. Follow the preceding directions to create a laminate. But before the melted powder solidifies, press a stamp into the surface. Remove the stamp while the powder is still warm to the touch (but no longer liquid). The stamp will leave an impression in the laminate. Note: highly detailed stamps don't work well in this process but regardless of the image that you choose, it will not harm the stamp.

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