Pearl Ex Moon

Materials Needed

One piece of black cardstock 5 1/4" x 4 1/2"
Embossing ink pad (clear or gold pigment ink)
Gold embossing powder
Turquoise, royal blue and pink markers
Moon stamp by Stamp Affair
8 pointed star stamp from Rubberstampede
A small paint brush
Macropearl Pearl Ex powder
Acrylic matte medium (liquid gum arabic & white glue also work but the glue must be thinned with a little water)


Using the embossing or pigment pad, stamp the image moon stamp. Also stamp the eight pointed star four times (once in each corner). Sprinkle the embossing powder over all of the images and emboss as you normally would (for more information on embossing, see the article on embossing in the techniques section). Using the markers, color in the face of the moon as illustrated in the sample (this may be a little difficult because you can't see the marker color over the dark cardstock but have faith). Mix a fingernail full of the macropearl powder with a tablespoon of acrylic medium (or glue or gum arabic). Paint over the face of the moon. You will immediately see the colors pop. That's it!

We'd like to thank Lea Everse for the prototype of this project.

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