3D Pins

Materials Needed

A large piece of glossy white card stock
Water-based markers (such as Tombow or Marvy)
I Don't Get It stamp by All Night Media
Black dye-based ink pad
Thick glue (such as Aleene's Designer Tacky glue)
Clear nail polish
A pin back (available in most craft stores)
Waxed paper


Using the black ink pad, stamp the image seven times onto the glossy cardstock.

Cut out girl on three of the stampings-these will provide the pieces for the three dimensional element of the pin. Cut out the entire stamped image on the remaining four stampings-these will be used for the background of the pin.

Pick the clearest rendering of each of the two elements (girl and full stamp). These will be the ones that you see when the pin is finished so you want the best stamped impression that you can get. Now color the pieces that you picked. NOTE: If you make a mistake or don't like the colors that you picked, you can color another impression. You will be making a sandwich out of the pieces in the next step so it won't matter if you color additional elements.

Set aside the colored images that you want to be the front of your pin. Take one of the remaining background pieces. Apply a thin layer of glue to the front of the piece (over the stamped image). Now, take another background piece and place it on top of the piece that you just glued (kind of like a glue sandwich). Repeat this with the remaining background images-the final colored image should be on top. Repeat this with the three images of the girl.

Using a black water-based marker, color in the cut edges of both the girl and the background piece. This will neaten the pin and hide any spaces between the layers. Also color the back of the background piece.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the girl sandwich. Place it on the front of the background piece covering the girl on the background.

Apply one or two coats of clear nail polish to the back of the pin. Once that is dry, apply 4-6 coats to the front of the pin. Apply the nail polish in thick layers-it will even out and form a plastic-like coat when it is dry. The wet polish won't stick to the waxed paper so you can place the pin on it between applications

Glue a pin back to the back of the pin.

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